Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Horror Movie Survey for a snowy day

I haven't watched any horror flicks since I last wrote - at least not any worth mentioning, I guess. But I took this survey from a MySpace bulletin a friend posted this morning, so I figured I'd share it with yas.

Best horror film ever made:
Oh jeeze, that's tough. I guess the original Nightmare On Elm Street is my first pick. It's the first film that ever scared the poo poo out of my pants, so yeah.

Best villain: Freddy Krueger... He's cool when he's funny but I do prefer him when he's creepy as fuck.

Favorite horror director: Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Dario Argento

Favorite horror movie score: Suspiria and Profondo Rosso.... Goblin freakin rules.

Creepiest setting: The setting in Evil Dead Trap was pretty freaky. Something about huge abandoned buildings creeps me out...

Most annoying hero/heroine: The chick in Freddy vs Jason. Seriously, that bitch can not act.

Movie you wish you could burn: I dunno. Even the ones I didn't like that much aren't burn worthy.

Movie you wish you had thought of: It's not a horror movie, but I had the idea to animate over video like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly about 4 years before Waking Life came out. My plotline was totally different, but the animation technique was exactly the same as what I dreamed up. Too bad I didn't have the resources to do it at the time.
But I like Richard Linklater's movies, so it's okay that he got it out there first :)

Best place to watch horror: I love going to all night horror marathons like Exhumed Films in Philly.
It's a blast to watch old horror flicks with a bunch of folks who are into it!

Best person to watch it with: Joe has been my main horror buddy since 1995, so i have to go with him :)

Movie that really made you scream: none, but I remember when I was 12 I watched "Bad Dreams" with my aunt and my teeth were chattering the whole time because I kept anticipating really disturbing images.

Movie that haunted you for days: Nightmare on Elm Street, definitely... I was 11, my brother was watching it, and I chose the body bag scene to peek in and see what was happening.
Needless to say, it bugged the shit outta me for more than just a few days!

The title of your ideal horror movie: I don't know, I never gave it much thought, and I could be here all day trying to come up with the answers to the questions about my ideal horror movie that I direct. When I come up with a kickass horror movie idea, I will let you fuckers know and recruit y'all to be in it.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Trailer Park of Terror

Honestly, I didn't have high hopes for this one. And, I've been out of the loop with the comic book scene for I don't even know how many years.

I'm actually not even halfway through watching this flick, but lemme tell ya - I can already say it comes highly recommended!

If you love it, buy it - but since you can watch it online anyway, I'm gonna be gracious enough to link ya.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

James Gunn: Parade of Awesome T Shirts now online!

I guess I must be new blog happy this week, because I've started another one for the James Gunn fans:

Russian amateur tribute to Stephen King

From RussiaToday:

A film festival for amateur directors dedicated to bestselling horror writer Stephen King is to be held in Southern Russia. There are no multi-million dollar budgets for the home-made flicks, but there is plenty of ketchup.

Interesting. I wonder what the Master thinks of it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome to my Nightmare

...or something like that.
It's my first post, so I guess I'll make it somewhat introductory.

I don't like writing reviews most of the time, although I am moved to do so once in a while. I'll likely just be sharing cool horror shit I come across, and my thoughts about it. Some flicks just need to be seen, and I'll let ya know all my top picks so your next movie night is a screaming success.

I've been fascinated with horror films since I was practically a toddler. My older brother was into sci-fi and horror, and so while I wasn't allowed to watch, I heard plenty of it from the other room. My dad had a part time job at a video store back in the early 80's, and while my mom talked to him, I would go check out the VHS tapes on the shelves. This place had them set up library style, with only the titles facing out. I would go to the horror section and let my imagination run absolutely wild as I looked at the names of the movies. I would get myself really psyched up about it and my morbid curiosity often got the best of me as I would slowly pull the most grotesque titles out of their places on the shelf to peek at the artwork on the covers. I would get such an adrenaline rush from looking at this stuff - it scared the crap outta me, but I just HAD to look! The one that intrigued me most, and subsequently gave me the most childhood nightmares, was this one:

Now keep in mind, the imagination of a young aquarius is pretty vivid. Trust and believe, in my young mind, this film would drive me insane with fear if I watched ANY of it. I read horror novels until I was 13, and then I started to actually watch horror movies, cutting my teeth on "A Nightmare On Elm Street 3" and going on to watch everything horror I could find. I didn't watch "Pieces" until I was 19. Now, if you've seen this flick, you can imagine my complete surprise at just how silly my imagination was when I discovered how insanely CHEESY and HILARIOUS "Pieces" really is. I mean sure, it's got tons of gore and the special effects are probably the best thing about this movie. But had I watched it when I was 7 years old and terrified of the Frankenstein girl on the cover, I might have seen things very differently!

At any rate, almost 14 years later, there is nary a horror film I haven't watched, including a lot of foreign stuff. I can't say I have had any nightmares from anything I have watched, not since I was a morbidly fascinated child pulling VHS tapes slowly off the shelves. I like most of the horror films I watch, but even the ones that are the most extreme barely affect my psyche. I don't get that adrenaline rush like I used to. Maybe it's because I can't watch a film without wondering how certain special effects are achieved, who knows? But I have a great appreciation for the genre and while I don't get scared, I still love to watch.

I love that so many horror films are really a reflection of where our society is, how we tick, what scares us. It's endlessly fascinating to see how filmmakers can tap into those primal fears and exploit them for our enjoyment.

Well, now you know me a little better. Now for the fun shit... I want to share with you a three part analysis of John Carpenter's "Halloween", created by Rob Ager. ( Check out his YouTube page for analysis of other great horror films.

And, just for shits n' giggles, here is Siskel & Ebert's take on Halloween - in my opinion one of the most on point reviews of this film yet:

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