Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A Horror Movie Survey for a snowy day

I haven't watched any horror flicks since I last wrote - at least not any worth mentioning, I guess. But I took this survey from a MySpace bulletin a friend posted this morning, so I figured I'd share it with yas.

Best horror film ever made:
Oh jeeze, that's tough. I guess the original Nightmare On Elm Street is my first pick. It's the first film that ever scared the poo poo out of my pants, so yeah.

Best villain: Freddy Krueger... He's cool when he's funny but I do prefer him when he's creepy as fuck.

Favorite horror director: Wes Craven, John Carpenter, and Dario Argento

Favorite horror movie score: Suspiria and Profondo Rosso.... Goblin freakin rules.

Creepiest setting: The setting in Evil Dead Trap was pretty freaky. Something about huge abandoned buildings creeps me out...

Most annoying hero/heroine: The chick in Freddy vs Jason. Seriously, that bitch can not act.

Movie you wish you could burn: I dunno. Even the ones I didn't like that much aren't burn worthy.

Movie you wish you had thought of: It's not a horror movie, but I had the idea to animate over video like Waking Life and A Scanner Darkly about 4 years before Waking Life came out. My plotline was totally different, but the animation technique was exactly the same as what I dreamed up. Too bad I didn't have the resources to do it at the time.
But I like Richard Linklater's movies, so it's okay that he got it out there first :)

Best place to watch horror: I love going to all night horror marathons like Exhumed Films in Philly.
It's a blast to watch old horror flicks with a bunch of folks who are into it!

Best person to watch it with: Joe has been my main horror buddy since 1995, so i have to go with him :)

Movie that really made you scream: none, but I remember when I was 12 I watched "Bad Dreams" with my aunt and my teeth were chattering the whole time because I kept anticipating really disturbing images.

Movie that haunted you for days: Nightmare on Elm Street, definitely... I was 11, my brother was watching it, and I chose the body bag scene to peek in and see what was happening.
Needless to say, it bugged the shit outta me for more than just a few days!

The title of your ideal horror movie: I don't know, I never gave it much thought, and I could be here all day trying to come up with the answers to the questions about my ideal horror movie that I direct. When I come up with a kickass horror movie idea, I will let you fuckers know and recruit y'all to be in it.

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