Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you like Asian Horror Movies?

I do. I used to, anyway. I haven't been keeping up with the rising trend of watching Asian horror movies in a few years, so maybe it's time to get back into it.

Feel free to help me out, by the way. If it's come out since 2007, I likely have not seen it. If it came out before then, it's likely I have. So bear that in mind before making a recommendation, and remember - if in doubt, Google IS your friend!

Taking a peek around, these are the titles I am coming up with that look good to me. I want to know your thoughts, so if you've seen, reviewed, or featured any of these flicks, comment about it and leave me some links! I am ready for a good ole Asian Horror FEST!


OK, this looks interesting. Sounds more like a thriller than a horror, but it's the Pang Brothers, so it could be fun to watch...



Someone recommended this to me not long ago but I haven't gotten around to watching it yet. 

I'm positive there are probably hundreds more, but I have an awake toddler earlier than expected so I'm going to cut things short, here. I want to know YOUR favorite Asian horror movies of the last few years! Leave them in the comments below, and if you have reviews - link em!!! Thanks!


  1. Have you seen Confessions? Its a really nicely shot movie with lots of twists and turns. And check out I saw the Devil and Cold Fish too. Tokyo Gore Police is a lot of fun if you want something Very different.


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