Monday, July 26, 2010

Skool is in session!

The big deal around here this week is that I started up a Tumblr blog as a companion to this blog. If you're not on the Fright Skool Facebook fan page, or Tumblr, then you ain't gettin the goodies. I'm posting all kinds of cool shit there that you will not get here - at least not until I find a widget that will do it for me, heh heh!)

Go. Now. Follow. I'll show you boobs.

(I never said they were my boobs though.)

Also... I may be writing for some other sites besides Damned Society so I guess you could say things are picking up for me. I'm open to opportunities, in case you were wondering - and writin' ain't the only thing I do with these fingers! (I make art and dabble in graphic design, ya pervert! Geeze!)


  1. Ooh, cool. I don't fully understand this tumblr malarkey, but I'll have a damn good go at working out how to follow. I hasten to add I'm not just in this for the boobs, that's just a bonus.

  2. I appreciate your efforts and your writing AND I’ve passed along an award to you! Click the link to view your awesomeness. Thanks from


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