Friday, June 11, 2010

Aftermath/High Tension (updated review from 2005)

  (original review written in 2005, updated and added to because dammit, I can...)
I first saw this 30 minute film several years back on a crappy video dub. It has finally made its way here on DVD, along with two other short films by director Nacho Cerda. Quite possibly one of the most disturbing films about necrophilia, (as if there's such a thing as a film about necrophilia that isn't disturbing...) this film will dig deep under your skin. Not much disturbs me, dear readers, but this one made me feel more than a little dirty watching it. Highly recommended for those of you who are losing faith in the horror genre - this is absolutely not for the squeamish, and it may make you want to reconsider how your body is disposed of after your death!
I'm not going to tell you too much about it, 30 minutes is not a long running time and I know you folks dislike your spoilers. I would like to add, however, that the DVD release of this comes with another of Cerda's short films called Genesis, which is very strange and creepy but not quite as visceral and disturbing as Aftermath.

Next up is a movie that I'm sure most of you have seen already given the extreme hype that surrounded it upon its release - High Tension (aka Haute Tension).
I had been hearing rave reviews about this film since it was first released, however, I heard many people speaking of cut versions, and being the purist I am, I decided to wait to see it until I could get a definitive uncut version to watch. Oh, and not to mention free - I work at a video store, and that equals free rental city, baby. I'm done taking $20 chances on films that may or may not rule. In the case of High Tension it would have been worth it. Despite a couple of unrealistic deaths (suspension of disbelief is definitely necessary to fully enjoy this film) I thought it was excellent. From beginning to end, there is, just like the title implies, high tension. This film has tons of suspense, and an equal amount of gore, with a twist ending that I truthfully did not see coming. Considering that this is one of the first horror films to come out of France (at least, according to the writers/directors of this film) it's really quite impressive, and it comes highly recommended... Though I know lots of you probably saw this long before it got it's much overdue release in the US, just go rent it and watch it again - especially if you have not watched the original, uncut director's cut version.

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