Monday, June 14, 2010

The Human Centipede

Well, I finally got around to watching it. I liked it, but it didn't move me all that much - I'm not in any big huge rush to watch it again. But that doesn't mean I won't encourage you all to take a look. It's certainly original and moves along at a good pace. It's also not as depraved or disgusting as the trailer would have you believe - a lot is left to the imagination, which is something that has been lacking in horror for a while.
We're introduced to the depraved Doctor early on as he abducts a truck driver on the side of the road. Later, when two vapid American party girls get a flat and end up ringing the Doc's doorbell, he drugs them and brings them to his laboratory of doom. He deems the truck driver to be an unsuitable match, kills him, and replaces him with a foul mouthed Japanese tourist. What is probably the scariest scene in the movie follows, where the Doctor shows his victims his plans for them on an overhead projector while they look terrified and make a lot of noise:
 All kinds of happy fun times ensue. 

Supposedly, the director, Tom Six, inquired with real doctors and scientists to see if this would be a legitimate procedure and apparently, it could be done. I'm no scientist, but I think that if there was a tube running through the three, that the two whiny bitches in the middle and end wouldn't have been able to be heard crying throughout the rest of the flick. The Doc even mentions something about how he should have severed their vocal cords.

There is talk of a sequel, we'll see if it actually happens. Again, the movie wasn't a waste of time, it's not as visually disgusting as you'd think, and in some ways, it's pretty damn entertaining. But I don't really see it as being sequel worthy. Only time will tell!

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