Friday, June 11, 2010

A Bell From Hell (aka LA CAMPANA DEL INFIERNO) (review from 2005)

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A young man is discharged from a mental institute, and goes forth to unleash strange practical jokes on people, specifically his aunt and three hottie cousins. All kinds of madness ensues.

This film was pretty intense. Shocktacular, if you will. It'll make you wonder about the crazies in your family.

Pretty much a step above the rest in the genre, I thought... just because it's got a more realistic (but at the same time, surreal) sense about it than other films of that time period - no supernatural baddies in this one. Reviews I read around the net described it as Art-horror. *shrug* I guess. When I think of "art-horror", I think of Suspiria. This was arty in a more cerebral way. Where Suspiria was pretty colored lights and a bangin soundtrack, A Bell From Hell had weird camera angles and even weirder situations - but not necessarily out of the ordinary, if you get my drift. If not, you'll get it if you watch it, so go. Watch it. You'll probably like it better than Boogeyman or whatever drecky J-Horror remake they're churning out these days. Cuz, you know, this is better than all that. I think so, anyway.

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