Friday, June 11, 2010

The Devil's Rejects (2005 review)

Sorry it's taken so long. I went to see it on May 12th, and here it is a week later. Truth be told, after watching it, I didn't want to write anything. It's not being released until mid July, and the preview I went to was more than likely uncut. So the version that you all who are waiting until it's national release to see it may well get a slightly different film than what I saw. It seemed pretty brutal for an R-rated film, but who am I to question the ways of the MPAA?
As I write this, I still am unsure as to what I want to reveal to you about this film. It is a sequel (to House Of 1000 Corpses, for those of you who didn't know) and so therefore it is highly anticipated by fans of that film. At any rate, here goes. I'll do my best to leave out any spoilers.

This film picks up about two weeks after the last one left off. Although how Otis (played once again, brilliantly, by Bill Moseley) grew so much dark facial hair in two weeks is beyond me. I thought he was an albino? Anyway... The Firefly clan sleeps peacefully amongst the evidence of all the brutality they've unleashed over the years, only to have an assload of cops show up for a shootout. Baby and Otis escape - but Mother Firefly stays behind and gets taken in by the sheriff. His brother was the sheriff who got blown away in HO1KC. So, you know, he's got revenge on the brain even more than he does justice. Everything spirals out of control with Baby. Otis, and Captain Spaulding on the run from the cops. Trouble never stopped them none, however - as they proceed to go about doing what they do best - gettin' fucked up and doin' fucked up shit. The longer it takes for Sheriff Wydell to get to them, the more insane he becomes; and when he finally catches up to them, he's got a taste of their own medicine to administer.

I'm not gonna tell you anything else... the end is pretty dramatic (and probably would have benefited from being a little less drawn out) and I don't wanna give anything away for ya.

What I will say is that this film is very different than HO1KC. Where that was following the same template as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, The Devil's Rejects has more of a Western feel.... criminals on the run from the cops. Except the criminals are the Firefly folks, and we all know, they's real crazy-like.
Baby does not once deliver her obnoxious cackling in this film, making her far more tolerable. Otis is just as dark and evil as ever, and in some scenes, even more so than before. We get to see some sides of Spaulding that we haven't seen before (and maybe we don't want to now, but it is pretty funny, at least.)
Zombie has improved as a director, and achieves what he set out to do with House and failed: this film really has a believable 70's feel. There's no Zombie music, no weird hyper-edit music video garbage - its the real deal. There's some areas that could use improvement, but jeeze - it's his second film. Not bad, all things considered. I have high hopes for his next feature, whatever and whenever that will be.

There's more, but really, that's enough. If you are a fan of HO1KC because of the characters, you will enjoy this movie as well.

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