Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm about to watch...

Saw 6. I'm shit at roman numerals, what is it? VI? Yeah? OK, whatever, who cares. Anyway... I missed it in the theater, as I miss most movies in the theater these days. I watched Saw 5 in the theater and that was the last time I saw it (get it? SAW it??? AHHH I crack myself up. Not really.) I'll let you know what I think of it, normally at this point in a horror franchise everything is boring and redundant but I keep hearing good things about this one. Plus, I did something I never do - I followed a reality show. Scream Queens, to be exact. Mostly because I love James Gunn, but also because I couldn't resist a horror related reality show. So of course I'm curious to see how the winner, Tanedra Howard did in the film. I heard she's barely in it, which is too bad. She was pretty damn good for someone with no experience, I was rooting for her. So as soon as I'm done writing here, I'mma hit play and check it out.

EDIT: I watched it. Not bad. I hope it's the end though. That is all.

I also watched Let Sleeping Corpses Lie a few days ago, but honestly it doesn't merit a review from me. I was kind of bored. But hey, that's me. I can't be dazzled every time, I guess.


  1. i did a SAW-a-thon with my GF back in January this year. all 6 movies, one after the other. relentless, brutal, but all good fun.

  2. With the exception of part 5, I was well entertained by all of them. I think 6 tied everything together well, but I hope it's the last of the series - I don't see where they could go from here without making it really redundant. All the important players but one are dead.


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